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Car colors vary noticably by state, type of vehicle

Auto manufacturers offer a broad range of hues for shopping customers, with names such as pearl and obsidian. Yet cataloging the dozens of varieties, the colors fall into eight or so categories. White, black and metallic colors such as silver and gold are most popular.

But what’s all the rage in say Colorado may not be as common in Kentucky, according to automotive websites. And luxury vehicles may lean one way in popular shades, while SUVs track another.

Cincinnati-based marked the Fourth of July by listing the leading states for red, white and blue cars on its automotive lease marketplace.

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States with the most red cars were in order South Carolina, Colorado and Michigan. For white models, Florida, California and Tennessee ranked at the top. And New York, Georgia and Kentucky lead in blue-tinted models. also found men vastly preferred red cars, women favored white hues and the genders were about evenly split on blue models. For more, go to

In another survey, PPG, a multibillion-dollar paint company based in Pittsburgh, concluded that blue may be one of the hottest car colors for 2017,  according to The Chicago Tribune.

The number of blue vehicles made in 2016 increased 3 percent in luxury, midsize and compact cars, the multinational company noted.

“Blue is a very versatile color for the automotive market, because subtle shifts of a blue coating can do a lot to enhance a vehicle’s style or distinguish a brand,” Jane Harrington, PPG manager, told the Tribune.

Notable blue models included Ford’s GT supercar re-introduced at the Detroit Auto show in 2014 in Oval Blue. The Tribune also highlighted Infiniti’s Hermosa Blue — for beautiful in Spanish — and Graphite Blue Metallic on the 2017 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S.

Again relying on a paint company, automotive information company reported that silver continues to lead in every car category except trucks, SUVs and minivans, in which white is the leader.

Robert S. Daily, color-marketing manager of DuPont Automotive, believes car buyers relate silver to high-tech. “Silver and gray reflect our fascination with technology, such as seen in the brushed chrome cues on laptop computer covers and other electronic devices,” he writes. “Secondly, silver and techno-gray seem to accentuate the angular, ‘new-edge design’ of the latest luxury sport vehicles,” he points out to

According to the website, 23 percent of cars and trucks are painted silver, followed by 15 percent for white and 12 percent, black.

Dark green scores best with sedan, wagons and hatchbacks; dark blue made the top three for convertibles and coupes, and median red does well with sedans, while managing 6 percent of luxury cars.

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