*** We Are Currently Not Accepting Vehicles Over 12 Years Old Or Scrap Cars *** If we can’t answer your call you can text only your details to 353873144309 and we will get back to you ***

Serving County Kerry, CashForCarsIreland.com works with individuals who are thinking about getting rid of their vehicles simply and quickly. We understand that you may not be ready to make final decision about selling your vehicle. We will give you with an estimate using the information that you provide. We know that some owners are simply interested in learning how much money they may get for their car in the current market. Phone us on (061) 639 454 for additional information. Alternatively, you may visit our website and enter your information in our contact page form. We are always happy to speak with you concerning your situation.

We offer cash for old cars, vans, 4×4’s and most other types of motorised transport. We also purchase vehicles that have collision damage due to an accident even if it has been assessed to be non-economical to repair. In addition, to heavy or cosmetic exterior damage, also accepted with any kind of mechanical damage like an over heated engine or a faulty suspension for example.

Why use a cash 4 cars service?

There are a number of reasons that people choose to sell their vehicles. Perhaps you owe money for a car and you no longer want that debt. We will help you by taking the vehicle and giving you money for it. Or, maybe the car needs repairs and you are no longer willing to put any more money into the vehicle. We can help! Finally, maybe you just don’t like the car any longer. Perhaps the gas is too expensive or there is another issue. We will pay you for the car so you can get something you like better.

Sell Your Car

Even if you are in a hurry to get your car sold, we feel we can help. We offer a hassle-free way of getting your car sold. Here are some more of the benefits you get from us when we buy your car:

If your car is too damaged to drive safely, we will cover the cost of vehicle recovery. That is right, we pay for this. You don’t.

We offer super fast payments. We will pay you for your car when we come to collect it. Remember, this can take place at your job or home. Choose the location that is most convenient for you.

We provide a VAT invoice for each purchase. All of our transactions are completely, 100 percent legal and above board. Your VAT invoice will protect both of us. It also ensures that the transaction has been done in compliance with all applicable laws.

We also get your car sold fast. It will not take days or weeks to sell your car to us. Sometimes it takes just about 30 minutes. Plus, it can be sold right over the phone.

Save Time! You do not have to waste anymore time placing advertisements that get answered by tyre kickers or strangers. Contact us and get your car sold – fast!

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